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Eggsciting news…

broody hen  eggs for hatchingA few weeks ago we noticed that one of our hens was broody. She was sitting on the nest all day and her comb was no longer red but had changed to a pale pink. This was the ideal opportunity to get some eggs for hatching so that  our children could experience the excitement of seeing chicks hatch and be amazed by these tiny feathery bundles of new life. We have kept chickens for the last nine years, but we’ve never had a cockerel fearing that it would be too noisy for the neighbours, that means we have never had our own chicks.

Off we went to Eshott Heugh Animal park. They have a large selection of poultry and they sell fertilised eggs for only £1 each. We came away with a selection of eggs from Polish Chickens, Orpington Bantams, and Silky Bantam crosses. My son is particularly enamored by Polish Chickens. The feathers on their heads make a pom pom which he finds delightful. The eggs we brought back are all different sizes, shapes, colours and textures. The eggs from the Silky bantam crosses are really beautiful, they are small, almost pointy  and have a pearlescent sheen.

The hen  has sat on the eggs, only getting off for brief periods to feed and have a quick dust bath under the hedge, for the past 10 days. Eggs usually take 21 days to hatch so we still have to wait for at least another ten before they are ready. I hope she is being an attentive mother hen and I can’t wait to meet our new feathery friends!