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Spellbound is a series of workshops held in the Blyth Valley Libraries during school holidays. I was delighted to run my Wonderbook workshop at Ashington and Bedlington Libraries during February half term.

Printing the name plates from a lino cut

Printing the name plates from a lino cut

I thought of the Wonderbook a few years ago when I was trying to encourage my son to write and draw. We (and I mean all adults) often give children sheets of white A4 paper to write and draw on. However, I am sure we have all felt that a blank sheet of A4 can be quite intimidating when we have to write an essay or report so I imagine a blank sheet of A4 can seem quite intimidating to a child too.  So I thought I’d make something a little more inspiring to encourage mark making, writing and drawing.

My favourite book

Each page of the Wonderbook is different. Some pages have pictures on them, others are maps, and some pages are tracing paper so that you trace the maps or pictures. There were pages of patterns to colour and some pages have activities to do on such as “draw a treasure map”, “a magic spell” “my favourite dinosaur”, “my favourite book” and “all about my pet”.

Treasure map

The children chose 10-15 pages to put in their book. They were then encouraged to make their own pages. A wide range of materials were provided to do this including, pens, pencils, quill pens, a vintage typewriter and letter stamps. I was amazed at what they produced!


All the pages were then put together and placed between two cardboard covers and tied together with a piece of string. The back cover had a pocket to keep treasures in.


Thanks to all the children and parents that came on the day and  thank you to the libraries for hosting the events.

If you would like to hold a Wonderbook workshop at your venue please send me a message or leave a comment on this page.