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Mini Maker Faire Halifax

Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire

Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire

I spent today in my new studio packing for Halifax Mini Maker Faire . It is being held at Eureaka on Saturday 30th of August 11- 5.

Having the studio made preparations much easier, with plenty of space to sort things in to piles. I am a little short of furniture for the studio at the moment, I only have one little table and a folding chair! In the next few weeks I hope I can get some large tables and I need to get my hands on plenty of shelves too!

Half the studio is full of boxes of the materials I’m getting ready to take to the Abu Dhabi Science Festival in November. I think I have pretty much everything I need now. It all has to go in a shipping container in mid September. Anything that doesn’t make it in to the container will have to go in my luggage so I need to try my best not to forget anything. I’m not sure how customs would feel about a suitcase containing a soldering iron, micro-controllers, pliers, lots of LED strips and wires!