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Creative Laser

snowflake redMy big shiny new laser cutter arrived yesterday and with bit of pushing and shoving it made it through the window and into the studio. There is something very exciting when someone says “we are going to fire up the laser now”. I would love to have a photo to put up, but in all the excitement of the install I didn’t manage to take a single one!

I have really enjoyed using the laser cutters at Edinburgh Hack Lab and Newcastle Maker Space but there is something special about knowing that my own laser cutter is in the studio just waiting for me.

Having greater access to a laser cutter will give me the opportunity to do more with the Illuminating Geometry lanterns and who knows what other projects I can dream up. I have to say that laser cutting ideas are keeping me awake at night!

I am hoping that through collaborating with other artists, we can really push the laser cutter to the limits, mixing traditional techniques and new technology.

The laser will also be available to hire along with a knowledgeable technician (that would be me) to help customers get the most out of their laser cutting time. I am calling this service “Creative Laser” and it will be launched on the 1 st of November. A new website is under construction and all the details will be there. In the meantime if you have any questions just leave a comment here and I will get back to you.

So far I have made a lot of paper snowflakes…