Illuminating Geometry is on the road to Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire!

Platonic solids lit from within

Platonic solids lit from within

I’m just packing my boxes for Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire. I have batteries, LEDs, insulation tape, thread, string, pencils, glue sticks and paperclips. Have I missed anything?

Mini Maker Faire is on Sunday the 20th April at Summerhall in Edinburgh (it’s the old Dick Veterinary School). It will be the final day of Edinburgh Science Festival.  I can’t wait to get set up on Saturday so that I can just enjoy the event on Sunday. I am intrigued to see the other makers, I believe their will be a sombrero packing a lot of LEDs, sounds like my kind of hat! I’m hoping to catch up with old friends too.

Yeah I know, stop chatting and get packing!

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