TEDx Youth@TyneBridge

I went to my first TED talk this week. It was very interesting. The eight speakers had obviously worked hard on their performances. The topics they covered were universal for all young people: the pressure to succeed after finishing University, religion and tolerance, bullying in schools particularly for LGBT teenagers and the future of the male sex. A talk on how the next generation of women will break the glass ceiling for made me smile. It took me right back to when I was 17 and thought that I could change the world by the power of my indignation and passion.

There was also a recorded talk by Adora Svitak a twelve year old child prodigy. It was very powerful. She talked about how being childish has its good points. Children can dream of anything, they don’t have the life experience to make them think “that won’t work” and automatically dismiss an idea out of hand. I think as adults we sometimes need to be reminded to dream and to let ideas grow a little before we crush them with practicalities. Adora’s talk made me promise  myself to make the time to listen to my own children and the children around me so that their dreams don’t get lost in the everyday rush of our lives.

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